Clarence Thomas Has No Reason To Recuse From Any J6 Cases

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The left’s intolerance toward an independent Supreme Court and its gaslighting tactics are on full display in the latest calls for Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse from the presidential immunity case the court will hear next week. is even raising money off this absurd claim to pressure Justice Thomas to recuse. These thuggish tactics won’t work.

President Trump is presenting the argument that he is immune from prosecution for any official acts he took as president, including those related to the 2020 election integrity challenges and the events of Jan. 6,2021. The left demands that Justice Thomas recuse himself from this case and all Jan. 6-related cases because he has an alleged conflict of interest arising from his wife’s activities regarding the post-2020 election integrity challenges and the events of Jan. 6. But Ginni Thomas’ activities raise no conflicts of interest …

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