Iran Attempts To Dismiss Israeli Strike As ‘Not A Big Deal,’ Not An ‘External Attack’

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The Islamic Republic of Iran attempted to save face on Friday morning by dismissing reports of Israeli airstrikes in the country.

Israel’s strike, which was limited in scale, came in response to an unprecedented missile and drone barrage, more than 300 in total, launched by Iran last week. Israel, the U.S., U.K., Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and U.A.E. defended against Iran’s attack last weekend, downing 99% of the projectiles fired at Israel.

U.S. and Israeli officials confirmed to various publications that Israel launched the strike against Iran during the early morning hours on Friday morning. The strikes appeared to be carried out by manned aircraft that did not even enter Iranian airspace.

Israel struck targets near the city of Isfahan, which is home to the country’s largest nuclear research facility.

Iran is in the process of strengthening its ties with Russia and is seeking advanced Russian military hardware that could enable …

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