Democrats Waive Ukrainian Flags On House Floor While Chanting ‘Ukraine!’

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Many House Democrats waived Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House of Representatives on Saturday as members voted to pass a series of spending packages designating $95 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan while failing to address President Joe Biden’s border crisis.

A separate vote was taken on each aid proposal with $60 billion allocated for Ukraine, about $17 billion for Israel, $9 billion for humanitarian aid, and $8 billion to support Taiwan. Another bill that could ban TikTok if the company is not divested from Chinese control was also passed.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) faced pushback from some Republicans in the House who wanted him to hold votes on foreign aid spending until more funding for border security measures was secured. After the votes, Johnson said that global threats from Russia, Iran, and China necessitated American …

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