Biden Repeats Debunked Claim That He Used To Drive An 18-Wheeler During Campaign Stop

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President Joe Biden repeated a previously debunked claim during a campaign stop Tuesday in Florida that he used to drive an 18-wheeler.

While giving informal remarks at a campaign stop in Tampa, Biden mentioned that he used to drive an 18-wheeler. Biden’s claim, which he made once in 2021, has previously been debunked by Politifact and Snopes, who found no evidence that the president once held such a job.

A person in the crowd, who said Teamsters were “in the house,” credited the president for a pension he received at his job.

“We did get that done. Anyways. Besides, I used to drive an 18-wheeler,” Biden responded to the crowd member.

Biden previously brought up the claim in November 2021 while touting his administration’s infrastructure work at Dakota County Technical College in Minnesota, according to Politifact’s fact check.

“I used to drive a tractor trailer, so I know a little bit about driving big trucks,” the president previously said. “I only …

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