Black Conservatives Blast Biden Admin’s ‘Soft Bigotry’ After It Sues Sheetz For Discrimination

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Prominent black conservatives blasted President Biden and his administration for their discrimination lawsuit against Sheetz convenience stores.

Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing gas station chain Sheetz for what they say are discriminatory hiring practices because Sheetz screens job applicants for criminal records, the lawsuit claims.

Sheetz “violated federal law by denying employment to a class of job applicants because of their race, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit filed today,” the EEOC said in a Thursday press release.

“Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records,” the EEOC statement alleges.

Multiple prominent black conservative figures lambasted Biden and the EEOC for the suit.

“The Democrats think everything is racist, even a business choosing not to hire individuals with …

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