You Only Had To Listen: Ron Paul Destroys Mike Johnson For Betraying America

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Former US Congressman Ron Paul has gone completely ham on Speaker Mike Johnson, first – writing in a recent Op-Ed that Johnson has “betrayed liberty and the Constitution” after reauthorizing FISA surveillance but casting the deciding vote that tanked an amendment to require a warrant.

Section 702 authorizes warrantless surveillance of foreign citizens. When the FISA Act was passed, surveillance state boosters promised that 702 warrantless surveillances would never be used against American citizens. However, intelligence agencies have used a loophole in 702, allowing them to subject to warrantless surveillance any American who communicated with a non-US citizen who was a 702 target. … Despite the fearmongering by Mike Pompeo and others, as well as the opposition of both President Biden and Speaker Johnson, the amendment failed to pass by only one vote. The amendment would have passed had Speaker Johnson not cast …

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