Biden Calls for Record-High Taxes … We’re Closing in on a 50% Rate

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It seems a long time since we have had an old-fashioned tax debate, and no wonder.

After all, with the establishment-dominated and deep-state controlled federal government fleecing posterity to pay for endless foreign wars, mandating experimental medical treatments approved for emergency use, censoring citizens’ speech online and arresting political opponents, we have had bigger fish to fry.

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s proposed fiscal year 2025 budget, however, the prospect of a record-high top capital gains and qualified dividends tax rate of 44.6 percent has spawned a classic clash between a conservative- or libertarian-minded opponent who decries the proposed increase on one hand, and an academic liberal spouting nonsense about billionaires paying their fair share on the other.

Americans who grew up in the 1980s have good reason to pity those who did not. Now, it seems that Biden’s budget has taken us back to that glorious …

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