Energy Experts Warn: New Biden EPA Rules Will Kill Jobs, Endanger Grid

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Energy advocates warn that the Biden administration’s new regulations for power plants, announced Thursday, will hurt American energy jobs and put an already straining electric grid at even greater risk.

“This is completely out of touch with reality,” Trisha Curtis, CEO of energy consultant PetroNerds, told InsideSources. “It’s almost as though they’re wishing the American manufacturer, American producer, and American consumer to materially decline economically and to not be able to compete.”

The sweeping new rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will require all existing coal-fired plants and new natural gas-powered plants to capture 90 percent of their carbon emissions. An additional rule ordered coal-fired plants to reduce mercury emissions by 67 percent. For plants that use lignite (aka brown coal), mercury emissions must be reduced by 70 percent.

The rules exempt natural gas-powered plants currently operating in the U.S. but will apply …

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