Ben Shapiro Challenges RFK Jr. On Abortion

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In a wide-ranging interview with Democrat-turned-independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro challenged Kennedy on how he squares his stance on abortion with the Catholic faith he grew up in.

During their hour-and-a-half discussion, Shapiro challenged Kennedy’s position on abortion in particular. Shapiro explained that abortion opponents are concerned about the child’s bodily autonomy as well as the mother’s, and pointed out that the Catholic Church opposes abortion. Like many in his family, Kennedy is a Catholic.

Kennedy said he believes every abortion is a “tragedy,” but that the issue is “more nuanced and complex.”

Shapiro responded that abortion is, “not just a tragedy. It’s a crime against the child because the child has an independent interest. What do you say to that?”

“I say that I understand that position, and I don’t agree with it,” Kennedy said, adding that he believes “the solution of having …

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