Not Just Colleges, but Mayors Abandoned Jewish Students to Hamas Rioters

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Yesterday at the Sabbath table, a young man who had been on the ground at UCLA told me of watching a Jewish student being attacked while the UC campus police did nothing.

The campus police said that they would have to call the actual police, but no police came. The campus cops then admitted that they didn’t actually call 911. When one of the people on the scene called 911, the LAPD stated that they had been told not to respond to calls from UCLA.

The student then had to go down to a police station to file a report which all but ensured that nothing would happen.

Today’s assaults by pro-Hamas occupiers make it clear that’s still the policy. UC’s Mary Osako stated that UCLA will not be “preemptively” requesting a police presence.

Shame on @UCLA. Today masked pro-Hamas vandals bludgeoned and bloodied …

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