Pentagon Estimates Gaza Aid Pier Will Cost US Taxpayers $320M: Report

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The U.S. military reportedly estimates that construction of a pier to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza will cost American taxpayers $320 million.

Defense Department officials recently increased the projected cost of the pier, a U.S. defense official and a source familiar told Reuters. An estimate calculated earlier this year placed the total cost at roughly half the latest estimate.

“The cost has not just risen. It has exploded,” Sen. Roger Wicker, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, told Reuters. “This dangerous effort with marginal benefit will now cost the American taxpayers at least $320 million to operate the pier for only 90 days.”

Hamas fighters in Gaza reportedly fired mortars at Israeli forces near the “marshaling area” of the pier, which will go into full service in May, last week. While Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder said that the pier …

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