Bidenomics: Five Cities Where Rent Continues to Explode – How It Could Impact the Election

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The United States continues to crumble under Joe Biden’s failed presidency, as rent in big cities nationwide skyrockets in tandem with crushing inflation.

Rent in 18 of America’s 50 largest metropolitan areas rose during the past year, according to data compiled by

The biggest spikes occurred in the Northeast and the Midwest, with the liberal havens of Chicago and New York experiencing the largest year-over-year surge.

Chicago: 4.3 percent increase in median rent. New York City: 3.8 percent increase. Kansas City, Missouri: 3.4 percent increase. Boston: 3.3 percent increase. Indianapolis: 3.3 percent increase.

Tellingly, all of the top five cities suffering the biggest rent increases are run by Democrats — a troubling trend for liberals as the November election approaches.

Soaring rents are a major obstacle to getting the runaway inflation emblematic of the Biden presidency under control, experts say.

“Rising shelter costs have been a major …

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