Dem Judge Claims Conservative Lawyer is “Threat to Public” for Representing Conservatives

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I was privileged to listen to John Eastman speak twice and lay out his case at David Horowitz Freedom Center events, including at the Restoration Weekend in New Orleans and at an event in Los Angeles. Both times, Eastman spoke compellingly about what he had gone through in the lawfare campaign to destroy him for representing Trump.

State Bar Judge Yvette Roland, a Kamala donor, who had specialized in employment law, as a president of the Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, had been appointed to the State Bar Court by former Speaker Toni Atkins, whose main claim to fame was being the first lesbian in that position, who lacks a fraction of Eastman’s legal knowledge or acumen, announced that Eastman’s law license would be suspended because he had committed the crime of representing Trump.

Now, the Kamala judge is doubling down by refusing to hear …

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