Biden Campaign Features Debunked Family Separation Image In Anti-Trump Ad

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The Biden campaign launched a new campaign ad that attacks former President Donald Trump for his family separation policy, but the ad contains a viral image that was debunked as never having to do with family separation.

The campaign commercial begins with a headline that reads “Trump ripped families apart” and features him making controversial remarks about border enforcement and includes numerous images of detained migrants. However, one notable image included in the ad is a picture of a migrant girl that went viral several years ago, but was later proven to have nothing to do with family separation.


The image, which appears at the 7-second marker of the campaign ad, features a very young girl in a red sweater crying as her mother is being patted down by a Border Patrol agent.

That picture was taken in 2018 by a Getty photographer and immediately went viral at the time, with numerous critics of the …

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