George Washington University Pro-Hamas Activists Project Flames Onto American Flag

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Pro-Hamas activists at the George Washington University Encampment, who had previously defaced the George Washington statue on the campus with a keffiyeh and a Palestinian flag, projected flames onto the American flag with incendiary messages condemning the United States.

Those messages included, “Gaza lights the spark that will set the empire ablaze,” “Long live the Student Intifada,” “Down with the Settler-State,” “Glory to the Martyrs of Palestine,” and one that quoted the notorious Gaza Health Ministry’s claims about the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza: “Stained with the Blood of 44,000 Palestinians.”

Other messages included “Long live the Student Intifada” “Down with the Settler-State” “Glory to the Martyrs of Palestine” “Stained with the Blood of 44,000 Palestinians” — Stu (@thestustustudio) May 8, 2024

“For days, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department had resisted …

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