RFK Jr. Makes Gross Admission, Says Parasite Ate Part of His Brain – ‘I Have Cognitive Problems, Clearly’

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a startling admission uncovered by the New York Times that can’t be good for his presidential campaign.

The paper found that the independent, liberal candidate for the White House had brought up a medical problem he had back in 2010 when he experienced a “brain fog” that sent him to a doctor.

The Los Angeles-based Democrat reportedly admitted in a 2012 deposition that in 2010 he was suffering from memory loss and mental fogginess and consulted a doctor to figure out what was going on, according to the New York Times.

The 70-year-old environmental attorney said he feared he might have a tumor. But what the doctors actually found was perhaps just as alarming. Indeed, maybe it is even more alarming than a mere brain tumor.

Kennedy said that his doctors found a the remains of a dead worm nestled inside his brain.

Worse, there was evidence that the …

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