L.A. Mayor’s Friend Leads Pro-Hamas Group

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

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When Islamists and leftists attacked Jews at the Museum of Tolerance which had been screening images and videos of the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7, Mayor Karen Bass failed to condemn the violent antisemitism at a Holocaust museum.

Instead the Los Angeles mayor tweeted a generic condemnation of both sides, stating that “we cannot allow current worldwide tension to devolve into this unacceptable violence in our city. This is a time of immense pain and distress for thousands of Angelenos.”

During the UCLA Hamas riots, Mayor Bass once again did not condemn the antisemitism, only denounced the “violence” and “harassment” without saying a word about the Hamas supporters and their attacks on Jews.

And that’s not surprising both because of Bass’ radical politics, she was once a member of a pro-Castro front group, …

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