Watch: Biden Says Americans ‘Have the Money to Spend’ on High-Priced Groceries During CNN Interview

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“Biden 2024: You’ve Never Had it So Good, Plebes!”

Like the slogan? I do. I’ve workshopped it a bit among my liberal acquaintances, but they don’t seem to think it’ll catch on. Perhaps I’ll pitch it to team Biden directly, since it seems to be the president’s major message these days.

Sure, inflation is way up since Joe Biden took office. The economy has recovered from the pandemic in fits and starts and job growth hasn’t been as robust as economists have hoped. It’s only recently that wage growth in those jobs has kept pace with inflation, moreover, meaning that everyday items are far more costly than they were when Donald Trump was president.

We keep paying more in taxes and seeing nothing in return; even Biden himself has reportedly complained that none of the infrastructure projects he promised to buy us with our money are actually, …

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