Riley Gaines Calls Out College Administrator for Making ‘Cowardly’ Gesture Behind Her During Commencement Speech

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History is full of heroes who have been willing to die for what they believe. From Christian martyrs to civil rights leaders, those who believe strongly enough about their cause are not afraid to speak out boldly in full view of their enemies and face whatever consequences their actions may bring.

But what we have witnessed lately on college campuses are crowds of protesters hiding behind masks and keffiyehs, revealing that today, modern leftists are only brave as long as no one can see them.

On Sunday, one trans-activist showed the same lack of character during a commencement address by former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines at Adrian College in Michigan, according to The Daily Mail.

The choice of Gaines as speaker sparked controversy, as she has become a national figure for her outspoken opposition to men who identify as women competing in women’s sports, according to Fox News.

During Gaines’ …

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