San Fran Spends $5M on Free Booze for Bums

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“Homelessness” is a myth. It’s not about the cost of housing, it’s mostly a combination of mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

This is why in San Francisco, caring for the homeless involves handing out free pot and booze.

The San Francisco Health Department claims that handing out drugs and booze to junkies with coronavirus is actually a “harm reduction practice” that has “significant individual and public health benefits”. And, best of all, the same Health Department waging a campaign against smoking is providing the tobacco, along with “medical cannabis”, and “medically appropriate amounts of alcohol”. “Our behavioral health experts are offering services every day, medication assisted treatment including nicotine and opiate replacement, behavioral health counseling,” Dr. Grant Colfax, Obama’s former National AIDS Policy Director, gushed, “and in cases where people …

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