Fat? Old? The Coast Guard Still Wants You.

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

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The military recruiting crisis is getting worse. How bad is it? Well, I came across this wholly uninspiring ad.

Don’t be sure you’re too old or fat for the Coast Guard. Our standards are lower than you might think.

The Coast Guard has been the longtime butt of jokes, but it has been a target for mandatory wokeness by the Biden administration and the Senate.

The woke war on the Coast Guard went hot with the 2021 NDAA that mandated “The Commandant of the Coast Guard shall appoint a Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion for the Coast Guard”. The Commandant of the Coast Guard is Linda Fagan: whom the media takes pains to remind us is the first woman to lead a branch of the armed services. At the change of command ceremony, Biden left little doubt about why …

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