Report: Jewish Organization is Offering Record Financial Support to Help Trump Defeat Biden

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Joe Biden’s wishy-washy response to the violent pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic protests erupting on college campuses might end up benefiting his opponent in a more tangible way than most predicted.

More and more Jewish people in America have grown impatient with Biden and the Democratic Party’s attempts to palliate entitled college students and far-left activists who have quite literally advocated for the destruction of Israel.

However, Pew Research noted, even while disapproving of Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, most Jews (aside from Orthodox Jews, who tend to support Trump), still identify as Democrats or at least liberals.

But, according to a report in Fox News, Donald Trump and his campaign might be getting a shot in the arm from this somewhat unlikely demographic.

A prominent grass-roots organization, the Republican Jewish Coalition, has announced one of its most massive fundraising endeavors in its history, and all in favor of helping …

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