Biden So Popular He Didn’t Want an Audience at the Debate

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Expectations for a CNN debate moderated by veteran media hacks should be set as low as possible even if one of the candidates had become largely incapable of coherently communicating, but this is still a tell.

When you understand that no audience, even a CNN audience, will be your personal Arsenio Hall dog pound, the whole idea that you’re popular with anyone goes up in smoke.

President Joe Biden’s advisers… resolved in private that if Biden ever faced Trump on a debate stage, there would be no one in the peanut gallery. That demand became part of the reelection campaign’s agreed-upon proposal to Trump this week for their two general election debates, one in June the other in September. An empty TV studio could, Biden aides feel, deprive their GOP rival of a major advantage when they face off. “Trump feeds off the crowd, they give him …

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