Joe Biden Wants To Debate To Save His Sinking Campaign, Ben Shapiro Says

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President Joe Biden challenged former president Donald Trump to debates last week because Biden needs to swivel the political spotlight away from his record ahead of the election, according to Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro, who co-founded The Daily Wire, appeared on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty, and Levin” with host Mark Levin on Saturday evening and analyzed the state of the presidential race so far. Biden shook up the race last week agreeing to two debates ahead of November after months of needling from Trump.

“[Biden] believes that if he just says ‘January 6’ then ‘Trump’ over and over and over, then he’s going to win. Presumably, that is why he is now acceding to a debate with Trump,” Shapiro said. “He realizes that this election is a referendum on him. He’s hoping that if he can get Trump on stage, he can make the election a referendum on Donald …

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