Biden Inspires Black Graduates By Telling Them That Democracy Is Dead And White People Are Out To Kill Them

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It’s been several days now, but the outrage mob is still having conniptions over a speech given by a Catholic NFL kicker at a Catholic college, in which he dared to suggest that some women want to be mothers. That was too much for the Left and certainly for most media outlets, who have spent the last several days panicking and, in many cases, lying about what Harrison Butker said.

But if we were a sane culture, there’s another commencement speech that would be attracting considerably more negative attention. It was delivered yesterday by Joe Biden at Morehouse College, the historically black school in Atlanta. And in the span of about thirty minutes, Joe Biden did everything they’re falsely accusing Harrison Butker of doing — and then some.

Biden actually did demean and insult millions of Americans, very clearly. He also deliberately stoked hatred and lied repeatedly, with …

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