Black People Can Still Be Black If They Don’t Vote For Biden

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As they witness Joe Biden’s support among nonwhite voters collapse in spectacular fashion, the president’s campaign team is in triage, trying to stop the bleeding in ways that are hysterically funny but almost certainly inflict yet more damage.

Well, funny if you’re not a black person. If you’re a voter with self-respect who happens to be black, then it’s patronizing, belittling, and shocking in its naked desperation.

A recent survey published by The New York Times showed Biden with lower support among black voters than even Hillary Clinton in 2016, which — thank God — with the help of independents and Hispanics, helped send her campaign back to the depths of hell where it belonged.

Fortunately for Biden, he’s been able to run up his numbers among women who never know when they might want an abortion, but he’s nonetheless hanging by a thread. So to shore up support from blacks, he’s …

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