Biden Admin to Totally Deplete Northeast Gasoline Reserve in Bid to Lower Prices Before Election

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President Joe Biden is being accused of politicizing the latest sale of gasoline from our national reserves as we enter into the 2024 election cycle amid his long record of presiding over some of the worst gas prices in history.

The Biden administration is preparing to sell off one million barrels of gasoline from the U.S.-managed stockpile in northeastern states, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The Dept. of Energy announced the sale on Tuesday and noted that the Office of Petroleum Reserves will begin taking bids for the gasoline for delivery no later than June 30. While the sale is mandated by law, the move will effectively close down the reserve which was created in 2014.

The sale is mandated for some time during this year with the proceeds to be deposited into the U.S. Treasury, according to S&P Global.

The sale was mandated by law because refined gasoline has …

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