Kill And Rape Jews, Win A State!

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The question on the European continent for 150 years has been whether to appease evil — to give evil what it wants in the hope that evil will then suddenly become good or at least non-offensive — or whether to fight evil and allow others to fight evil.

That battle did not end with World War II. That battle is ongoing.

On Wednesday, the State of Israel and the parents of victims who were kidnapped on October 7 and are now presumably being held and raped by Hamas, released tape from October 7 of Hamas kidnapping these females. We’re talking about women who are 18- to 20-years-old who served at a base where their job was largely to monitor the Gaza border.

On October 7, Hamas stormed the Gaza border. They killed a huge number of the women who were at this base, and then they proceeded to kidnap the others.

Until now, …

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