4 Years After George Floyd’s Drug Overdose Death, Minneapolis is Still Wrecked

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

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The fourth anniversary of George Floyd’s drug overdose death wrongly mischaracterized as a killing by leftist activists who used his overdose to trigger nationwide race riots and seize power has been met with a Biden statement pushing another pro-crime bill, a documentary about how Floyd “changed the world” and more racism.

What it has not been met with is justice for the victims of the largest race riots in decades.

Minneapolis, including the infamous George Floyd Square, is still a hellhole.

George Floyd Square, a memorial to the deceased, still stands. While some buildings have been replaced or restored, others have been razed, leaving a series of vacant lots. During the riots, civic authorities ordered the Minneapolis Police Department to abandon its Third Precinct station house to the protesters, who looted it and burned it down. Today the burned-out husk …

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