Biden Gloats Over Trump Verdict After Years of Idolizing Convicted Felon George Floyd

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The campaign behind President Joe Biden has been in a frenzy since the so-called hush-money trial for former President Donald Trump has finished and Democrats have been ecstatic to attach “felon” to his name quickly.

On the Biden-Harris HQ X account, an official account for the Democrats’ campaign, a post was published Friday captioned “34 Lowlights from Convicted Felon Donald Trump’s ‘Press Conference’”:

34 Lowlights from Convicted Felon Donald Trump’s “Press Conference” — Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) June 1, 2024

While the post alone is problematic as it makes tons of claims that are meant to rebuke what was said by Trump in a news conference but doesn’t provide any evidence rebuking them, the title itself is perhaps the biggest issue of them all.

Putting “Convicted Felon Donald Trump” was undoubtedly not a mistake, but an intentional choice made by the social media team to attack Trump.

It was gloating, …

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