Trump Pledges to Arizona Crowd: I’ll Rescind Biden’s Weak Border Executive Order on Day 1

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Former President Donald Trump pledged Thursday to rescind President Joe Biden’s new border executive order on his first day in office while speaking at a town hall in Phoenix.

Dream City Church, where the campaign event sponsored by Turning Point Action took place, appeared filled to its capacity of nearly 4,000.

In fact, when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee took the stage, he said the organizers had to turn thousands of people away.

That seems likely: Not only were Dream City’s large parking lots full, but so was street parking in the entire area going perhaps a half-mile or more away.

Approximately an hour before the event, thousands of Trump supporters were still waiting outside in the 100-plus-degree heat hoping to get a seat.

Amazing support for Trump in Phoenix. People braving 100+ degree heat to get into the @TPAction_ event at Dream City Church. Have spotted @JDVance1 and …

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