‘One Attacker Took A Watch, The Other Took A Fist To The Face’: Rep. Collins Staffer Robbed At Gunpoint

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

Republican Georgia Rep. Mike Collins claimed Sunday afternoon that one of his staffers was robbed at gunpoint in Washington, D.C.

Collins took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and claimed a staffer on his team and a friend were allegedly robbed at gunpoint early Sunday by three men in the southeast neighborhood of Navy Yard. While the staffer and other individuals were not identified by Collins, the Republican congressman claimed one attacker had taken a watch while another was punched by one of the victims. (RELATED: Video Shows Sen. Rand Paul’s Staffer Being Brutally Stabbed In D.C.)

“Our nation’s capital has become a warzone because of pro-criminal policies peddled by D.C.’s government. Thank the good Lord, after fending off the assailants, both young men are safe,” Collins wrote.

Early this morning, three men attempted to rob one of my staffers and a friend at gunpoint in Navy Yard. One attacker …

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