Hunter Biden Was Convicted Today, But Not For The Reasons The Media Claims

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Today, a federal jury in Wilmington, Delaware, found that the president’s son, Hunter Biden, violated the law when he lied about his drug use on a gun store firearms form to obtain a revolver, speed loader, and ammunition in October of 2018.

This was not a particularly close case. Evidence showed, among many other things, that Biden was texting his drug dealer the day before he bought the gun. The upshot, however, is that Hunter Biden becomes the first son of a United States president to become a felon in the history of the country. For much of the national news media, Hunter Biden’s trial and conviction is proof that the justice system is fair and impartial. Therefore, we should conclude that Donald Trump’s prosecutions are legitimate.

It’s fine to imprison the leading presidential frontrunner on a novel and untested legal theory, they say, because the current …

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