Major US Police Department Rolls Out ‘Pride’ Badges, Admits They Have Nothing to Do with Law Enforcement

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Would a police officer sporting a rainbow “pride” badge rather than the official Tampa Police Department badge be more or less likely to be respected by criminals?

The Florida city’s police department has introduced a new commemorative badge design for LGBT “Pride Month” and shared a video highlighting the symbolism behind the updated badge.

The new badge incorporates the colors and chevron design of the “Progress Pride” flag, which was created in 2018. The chevron added to the rainbow design represents “people of color and the transgender community,” according to Patch.

The Tampa Police Department showed off its new fashion statement in a video posted on social media on Thursday.

“Incorporating the Progress Pride Flag, this badge is 1 of 9 that members can choose to collect or wear in June,” the X post said. “Serving as a conversation starter & symbol of safety, we’re here to listen, learn, and ensure all members of our community …

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