Fans Furious as Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Officially Jumps the Shark with Lesbian Witches Conceiving Babies in New Show

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After two decades of terrible decisions regarding the “Star Wars” franchise, from Jar-Jar Binks and midichlorians to Palpatine somehow returning, the dying franchise has, for many fans, finally jumped the shark.

Their newest show, “The Acolyte,” created by lesbian Leslye Headland, already shot itself in the foot by proclaiming the show would be the “gayest” version of “Star Wars” yet, alienating fans who are thoroughly fed up with the franchise’s devotion to leftist activism.

The first two episodes were bad enough for fans, with the strong female protagonist played by “non-binary” actress Amandla Stenberg, and with the emphasis on “power” rather than good and evil.

Yet with the release of the third episode, the series has not only massively retconned an integral piece of “Star Wars” lore, but has completely devolved into the most absurd display of woke …

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