‘Nazi Playbook Come To Life’: Jewish Leaders Demand Mask Ban Amid Surge In Antisemitic Protests

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

Jewish leaders are urging mask ban amid the rise of antisemitic protests, New York Post reported Wednesday.

The rise in antisemitism among anti-Israel protesters in New York, many of whom conceal their identities with masks, has led some Jewish leaders to advocate for the reinstatement of an anti-mask law, according to New York Post. This law, previously used to combat the Ku Klux Klan, could potentially deter protesters from engaging in unlawful behavior under the cover of anonymity.

In an incident Monday, protesters’ faces were covered by masks, keffiyehs, balaclavas or sunglasses as they took over a New York City subway train, demanding that “Zionists” identify themselves and warning them to leave, New York Post reported. Earlier that day, at Union Square, masked protesters displayed a banner reading “Long Live October 7,” a reference to recent violent events.

Jewish leaders compare rising antisemitism in NYC to 1930s: …

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