Biden’s Failure: US Taxpayers to Spend Another $22M to Repair Gaza Pier – Report

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The good news: Thanks to God’s underrated sense of irony, President Joe Biden’s administration’s ludicrous plan to build a pier in Gaza without putting U.S. boots on the ground in order to deliver aid that absolutely, positively wouldn’t be stolen by Hamas has been, for the moment, foiled by the unseen element of bad weather that happens every year in the Mediterranean. More’s the pity.

The bad news: Apparently, “devout Catholic” Joe Biden can’t take a divine hint and the American taxpayer will be on the hook for at least another $22 million to fix the thing so Hamas can restart stealing … erm, I mean, borrowing aid.

According to the The Jerusalem Post, the $320 million pier had apparently been fixed and ready for action last Saturday after breaking apart under moderate seas and partially sinking in late May. However, it only managed to say open …

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