2024 Is Trump’s To Lose

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

Something fascinating and unique is happening regarding the 2024 election.

If you look at the polling data, you see what’s unique: Republicans are breaking into the low-likelihood voter camp.

Typically, when it comes to elections, the basic logic has been that Democrats win in high turnout elections and Republicans win in low turnout elections. This has explained why Republicans seem to outperform during midterm elections, although 2022 was an exception.

In 2016, there was low voter turnout and Donald Trump won. In 2020, there was very, very high voter turnout, and Joe Biden won.

But in 2024, something unique is happening. In their “If Everyone Voted, Would Biden Benefit? Not Anymore.” article, the New York Times explains: “A new electoral divide has emerged in America. This divide is not rooted in race, geography, age or education. Instead, it is engagement in democracy itself.”

A representation …

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