Tucker Carlson Is Going On Tour. CNN Is Trying To Shut It Down

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

We don’t have many journalists in America anymore. Instead, what we have is radical activists parading around in their skin coats.

The trick is always the same: reach out to a given company or individual for “comment” innocently asking why they’d choose to associate with a bigoted, racist, sexist, right-wing fascist Nazi. The question itself is the threat. Cancel who we want you to, or our reporting will call you all of these things as well.

So with Tucker Carlson’s announcement of his upcoming speaking tour, this is exactly the dirty trick CNN decided to pull. Tickets for the 15-city tour went on sale June 14 through Ticketmaster, making the distributor an immediate target of the network’s ire. Of course it was Oliver Darcy, CNN’s new chief in-house eunuch after Brian Stelter’s defenestration, who took the shot.

“Tucker Carlson is going on tour. Ticketmaster is profiting off his hateful rhetoric,” reads …

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