Chuck Schumer Quietly Deletes Father’s Day Post After People Notice What’s on His Grill

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Sen. Chuck Schumer chose to delete a Father’s Day post after the public noticed, with both humor and revulsion, what was on the politician’s grill.

The original post was made Sunday on X, formerly known as Twitter, before being sent to the memory hole shortly after.

“Our family has lived in an apartment building for all our years,” Schumer wrote, “but my daughter and her wife just bought a house with a backyard and for the first time we’re having a barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!”

A picture attached to the post showed Schumer grinning over a grill, apparently flipping raw hamburgers and putting cheese on them well before they’ve reached a safe temperature.

The internet took instant notice at this disgusting and unsanitary practice before flooding into the comments section.

While Schumer may have purged the picture from his …

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