PA Grassroots Eager For Direction As RNC Trains Poll Watchers

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NEWTOWN, Penn. — The sound of 70s and 80s classic rock hits floating down the hallway toward the elevator bank helped guide me into a room filled with American flags and Trump 2024 signage. Within an hour, that same room would be oozing with palpable enthusiasm for former President Donald Trump, in the second stop along the Republican National Committee’s “Protect The Vote” tour.

Having arrived a bit early, I made my way over to a man who introduced himself as Dwayne McDavitt, president of the Pennsylvania Bikers for Trump chapter. What was a well-oiled biker doing at the RNC’s training for poll observers?

“I do what I can do,” McDavitt told me, explaining that he helps “organize bike rides, anything” to help Trump and other Republicans win. This type of eagerness to get involved pulsated through the room as it quickly filled with supporters.

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