The Amazing Credibility Of CNN

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CNN hosts will moderate the presidential debate on Thursday — and why not? They have such amazing journalistic credibility.

On Tuesday, CNN’s Sara Sidner interviewed a drag queen, a woman who dresses up as a man who dresses up as a woman. (This woman couldn’t just be a woman; she had to dress up as a man dressed up as a woman. We have moved beyond the boundaries of logic.) This person goes by Brigitte Bandit. During the interview, Bandit talked about how it’s a scary time to exist in America as a drag queen.

Apparently, it’s not a scary enough time in America that Bandit can’t appear on national TV wearing drag.

When I first saw this, I wondered which one of these people was the CNN anchor because CNN is so filled with clowns. A CNN anchor is interviewing a woman dressed up as a man dressed up as a cartoon woman whom we are all supposed to take very seriously. We are all supposed to worship before the power …

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