Trump Hasn’t Changed One Bit: New Info Confirms Phone Call He Made 10 Minutes Before Debate

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President Joe Biden spent a week at Camp David prepping for the debate, away from almost all reality, and he still bombed.

His rival, former President Donald Trump, wasn’t just campaigning in the days leading up to the event Thursday night. Ten minutes before it started, he called the parents of a child allegedly murdered by illegal aliens in order to give her comfort.

If there’s any better comparison of where each candidate’s priorities lay and which would be better for America, I haven’t yet heard it. And it’s another sign Trump hasn’t changed one bit.

According to the New York Post, just before Thursday’s presidential debate in Atlanta, Trump placed a phone call to the mother of Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old girl who was found dead of strangulation in a creek in Houston on June 17.

The two accused murderers, Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel and Franklin Pena Ramos, are illegal …

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