Gov Named as Possible Biden Replacement Releases Cringeworthy ‘#HotInfrastructureSummer’ Video

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It’s now Tuesday, the better part of a week after the debate debacle Thursday that raised the questions of 1) whether President Joe Biden could be replaced atop the Democratic presidential ticket and 2) who would replace him.

Vice President Kamala Harris would be the obvious choice, except for the fact that she also polls on par with norovirus infection and the AMC Gremlin.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom seems slick as a top surrogate for the president — but “slick” is never an adjective one wants to see attached to a candidate who needs to win states in Heartland America. And then there’s the fact that identity politics types would be furious that the first black woman vice president was being passed over from a white man from the same state.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is another would-be stand-in who has underperformed in his current …

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