With 161 Dead, Biden Welcomes Islamic New Year of “Peace”

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“Jill and I wish a Happy Islamic New Year to all families who celebrate. May the arrival of the 1446 Hijri New Year bring you love, peace, and prosperity,” Joe Biden tweeted.

If there’s anything that a new Islamic year is least likely to usher in it’s “peace”.

As Religion of Peace reports, the June 29 through July 5 week already marked 28 attacks, 161 deaths, 162 injuries, and 6 suicide blasts in 11 countries.

In June, there were 63 attacks, 562 were killed and 559 wounded.

Islam, we are repeatedly told, means peace. But peace in Islam means submission. And the only way to achieve submission is through conquest. When Muslims kill non-Muslims, they’re fighting for peace. And the Koran tells them that only when all non-Muslims are conquered, enslaved or converted will there be peace.

Islamists devoutly wish for peace …

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