Illegal Immigration Is Going Down? Actually, It’s Not

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Weeks after the Biden Administration issued an executive order on border policy, the White House is taking a victory lap, claiming it has solved a crisis of its own making.

Last month, the administration took executive action to close the border once a threshold of 2,500 illegal crossings a day is reached, while at the same time carving out broad exceptions for illegal alien children. Border statistics for the month of June did indeed show a significant drop in illegal crossings, down to 84,000, a number that is still way too high.

The White House celebrated this new marker on social media, claiming that they have delivered “real results” when it comes to reducing illegal immigration. However, the true measure of success when it comes to reducing illegal immigration is lowering not the number of illegal border crossings, but the number of illegal aliens present in the U.S.

Since the Biden Administration …

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