Why Does Funding Government Take $1.7 Trillion and 4,000 Pages?

Article originally appeared on reason.com.

The omnibus bill to fund government operations through September 2023 is out—all 4,000 pages of it. Despite the measure’s massive size and price tag, lawmakers’ aim is to rush it through both chambers of Congress by Thursday so President Joe Biden can sign it on Friday.

The text of the $1.7 trillion spending bill was just released by the Senate and House appropriations committees this morning, so everyone’s still scrambling to figure out what is in it and what is not. What we do know: Lawmakers are giving all sorts of government agencies and programs way more money than they did in 2022 and more than Biden’s budget requested. We also know it’s devoid of several good measures discussed as potential add-ons.

Tax Cuts, TikTok, Cannabis Banking, and Electoral Reform

Missing is the SAFE Banking Act, a measure to make it easier for state-licensed marijuana businesses to actually access banks and financial services.

Some tax …

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