The Most Important State to Watch in 2023

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AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

With no regular federal elections in 2023, perhaps the most important contests to watch this year will be for control of the Virginia state legislature. With a number of important dynamics at play from both a statewide and national perspective, the Old Dominion may once again provide key indicators for the political direction of the country, just as it did two years ago – beginning with three special elections next week.

The most important outcome from Virginia’s 2021 elections was the victory of first-time politician Glenn Youngkin, who burst onto the national political scene by defeating former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe. Almost immediately after securing the governorship, speculation began swirling about a potential Youngkin 2024 presidential bid. Because Virginia governors are limited to one term, Youngkin does not have a potential reelection bid to consider. Although the …

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