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The uproar over George Santos and his crude fabrications has given official Washington an opportunity to do what it does best: moralize and deflect. It is all a little amusing to watch. Who are these scoundrels to hold forth on truth and transparency? Are we meant to be astonished that a politician lied to secure public office? The freshman congressman from New York is distinguished only by the chutzpah of his act. His dishonesty, in an ironic way, is more truthful than the posturing of the preening hypocrites denouncing him.

When Santos called himself the “embodiment of the American dream,” he was only half-lying. Santos very much represents the American dream to the charlatans and ravenous social climbers who lord it over us. No rational person believes that Karine Jean-Pierre has any kind of merit. Her talent consists in being a black lesbian who is willing to trumpet invidious falsehoods with smug contempt. …

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