Massive Omnibus bill authorizes hiring 50,000 more government employees as we likely enter recession.

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President Joe Biden signs the bipartisan year-end omnibus.

President Biden recently signed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill for 2023, a whopping $1.7 trillion. These appropriations authorize the hiring of an additional 50,000 federal employees. Almost every day we hear of corporate cutbacks or lay-offs in the private sector including CNN, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and The Walt Disney Company to name a few. Bank of America is looking at a hiring freeze and allowing for attrition to shrink its payroll. Many other companies are continually looking at ways to save money and perform efficiently. Maybe the federal government should follow suit.

Republican Representatives have expressed concern about a very large hiring effort by the IRS but very little is said about the rest of the expansive federal civilian workforce. Recent spending packages from the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure spending bill, and the so-called, …

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